Imaginary Soundscape will choose the perfect soundtrack to any image

IT specialists from the University of Tokyo developed an interesting application based on artificial intelligence, which has an excellent sense of harmony and taste – Imaginary Soundscape. Its main purpose is to select a suitable soundtrack for the loaded image.

For example, considering the Japanese engraving “Fishing boats”, the user will hear the splashing of waves. In test installations, the selected video is very often accompanied by a sound fragment, which almost perfectly coincides with the expectations of users.

Such an impressive result is in fact a product of relatively simple AI that recognizes objects inside the image and then compares them to more than 52 thousand sound files. The early version of Imaginary Soundscape, launched in January, in many ways resembles the Google Street View function used in Google Maps and Google Earth.

Despite the fact that the new version of the application looks much more impressive, it is not without flaws. So, in his work, it is possible for some errors, and the number of files would not hurt to increase several times. Experience has shown that the most successful sound “imagery” from Imaginary Soundscap is obtained for artistic works, photographs and abstract painting.

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