The application from Norway will find the song by several strokes of the hand

If you are one of those who like to emotionally wiggle and dance while listening to music, you can be among the first users-testers of the application SoundTracer. It was developed by Olivier Lartilo, a researcher at the University of Oslo, who works on alternative, “human” methods of searching and orientation in the information space.

In this case, based on the involuntary craving of people to move to their favorite tunes. As a rule, such movements are quite similar. Rhythmic gestures in time with the music, which can be easily tracked if a smartphone with an accelerometer and a gyroscope is clamped in the hand. The movements of the apparatus in the air are transformed into points on a coordinate system, a graph or a kind of drawing, a virtual signature that is assigned to a musical file.

Now you do not have to find the track in the usual ways, you can just start to dance, and the system, recognizing the combination of gestures, will find and run the file itself. The method requires mastering, training, so as the gestures are read, the application draws a graph on the screen and suitable matches. Over time, gestures will become accurate, and the reaction speed will grow by an order of magnitude, and you will be able to surprise uninformed people with your skills in controlling the player.

By default in the SoundTracer library there are only fifty Norwegian folk songs, a bonus from the author. But he developed algorithms of “signing” which allow to impart any arbitrary track to an individual gesture pattern. And the signs do not need to coincide with the data on your friend’s smartphone – make your secret collection, if there is a desire.

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