Spain intends to establish a research center Hyperloop for 500 million dollars

The company Virgin Hyperloop One, led by Richard Branson, will invest $ 500 million in the creation of a research center in the south of Spain. There will be developed and tested various components of capsules Hyperloop. Cargo and passenger capsules will travel through special almost vacuum tubes at a speed close to supersonic. For such a large-scale project will allocate 19 thousand square meters.

The center is located in the Andalusia region and it’s not accidental. There are already 9,000 transport and logistics companies, 20,000 R & D staff, and a large aerospace community. The project plans to involve between 200 and 300 specialists. This will contribute to economic growth in the region.

Virgin Hyperloop One has been testing the technology for 4 years and has already managed to design 9 potential tracks. But to achieve commercial success it is necessary to work on the safety of the device. In Europe, there already exist similar research centers, which also have small test tracks. For example, the Dutch University of Technology Delft and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies in France.


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