Civil society was defenseless against drones with weapons

The incident with the attempt on the Venezuelan leader, Nicholas Maduro, with the help of explosives-supplied multicopters launched a wave of discussions. And it’s not just what happened in Caracas, whether the apparatus of terrorists or the authorities had brought down their own, out of order. It could even be a multi-pass game of the special services, but the main question is how civilian to resist the drones used as weapons?

The experience of the war in Syria has shown that it is possible to kill people with the help of ordinary, commercial UAVs with an almost endless list of ways. Yes, even the usual stones from the sky throw – the head will fall and will not seem a little. But in Syria the most dangerous flying machines knock down Russian “Pantsiri-S1” without ceremony, others are destroyed by small arms, as a Venezuelan sniper did. However, it is foolish to think that the same thing will be possible for an ordinary policeman with a service gun.

Dron with package

So let’s jam down their radio control channels, wide front! It is impossible, people in cities will remain without communication. Creation of no-fly zones and registration of their coordinates in the software of the drones? Hack into the electronics is not difficult. The trained eagles of the Dutch police were also ineffective, the projects of the drones ‘hunters on drones’ have no benefit in comparison with the usual police sniper. Ban on the sale of civilian heavy vehicles? Enough and a half a kilo of toxins to poison a whole stadium, if the case is taken by a professional.

So far, oddly enough, the easiest thing with this in Russia is that everything weighing more than 250 grams does not have the right to fly without the permission of the authorities. Law enforcement agencies are equally aggressive and suspicious of all drones and their owners, which is difficult to imagine in a democratic Western society. Although it is easy to knock down the annoying drones of the media, justifying it with security issues. But what is allowed to special services is not available to civilians and police. And how can you defend yourself in such conditions?

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