Russian schoolchild created an “ultrasound eye” that will help blind people

Many people with great skepticism refer to different circles and sections that develop the child’s talents, but in vain! After all, many great inventions grew out of the ideas of very young people. Recently a pupil of grade 9 Dmitry Galimullin, who studies in the circle of radiophysics of the Kazan Physical University (KFU), created an “ultrasound eye” – an invention that can be extremely useful for people with visual impairment right now.


As the press-service of the KFU informs, the new device is attached to the head and is somewhat similar in appearance to the headlamp. Inside the device an ultrasonic range finder is installed, which emits pulses in the direction of the person’s sight. The maximum range of the ultrasound view is 2 meters.

The author of the invention Dmitry Galimullin with his invention

As soon as an obstacle appears in the area of ​​2 meters, the device starts to vibrate, and the closer the obstacle is, the more the device vibrates. In this case, the “ultrasound eye” can not only inform about objects located in the front, but also from above and from below. As Dmitry himself stated,

“There are ultrasonic canes and lanterns for blind people, but they do not detect obstacles that are at the level of the chest and head of a person. Tilting and turning his head, a person can fully examine the surrounding space. In addition, our device will cost much less than an ultrasonic cane and flashlight. If desired, you can put a light cap and / or cap on top of the “ultrasound eye”, which will not affect its performance. “

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