In the UK, the world’s first unmanned aircraft with graphene sheathing

During the recent air show in Farnborough, the aeronautics engineers of the British University in Central Lancashire introduced the world’s first Juno (Juno) drone aircraft, the fuselage of which is covered with graphene sheathing. The 3.5-meter-wide aircraft was developed in conjunction with the Enhanced Production Research Center in Sheffield, the National Graphene Institute at Manchester […]


Eyemate implant controls intraocular pressure in glaucoma

Glaucoma is one of the most common ophthalmic diseases that occurs due to clogging of the eye drainage channels, resulting in the accumulation of fluid and, as a consequence, increased intraocular pressure, which leads to damage to the optic nerve up to complete loss of vision. Therefore, when glaucoma is very important to regularly monitor […]


A stove with internal burners will boil water under any wind

A group of students from the ETH Technical University from Zurich, under the guidance of a doctoral student, Julian Verkhov, developed the PeakBoil field oven. It consists of two parts: the combustion chamber, which includes a system of gas burners Venturi, which are “dressed” a special protective bulb, made on a 3D printer, also performing the […]


EyeCo gadget will notify the owner of an important event during extreme entertainment

Jerome Lakot, an ex-video game developer and world champion in riding a mountain bike, realized the old dream of his colleagues in the form of a new universal accessory. When you rush from a slope, do pirouettes or try to save your life, there is no way to get hold of the gadget and see vital […]


Asus has released a mixed-reality headset HC102

Presented at the IFA 2017 exhibition , the Asus mixed reality headset finally arrived in retail. Experts assumed that the cost of the device would be sky-high, based on the cost of the same Microsoft HoloLens, but in fact everything was not so scary. Asus HC102 bundled with two motion controllers will cost everyone at 429 dollars.   The device received […]


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Artificial Intelligence for Weather Forecasts Carrot trolls its customers

Created by the developer Brian Muller, artificial intelligence with the alter-ego of a sensible carrot that hates people, can now make fun of the owners of Android gadgets. The application for weather forecasts in the performance of the harmful “Carrot” (Carrot) recently came out for this operating system. Carrot Weather for Android in key moments copies […]

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