Asus has released a mixed-reality headset HC102

Presented at the IFA 2017 exhibition , the Asus mixed reality headset finally arrived in retail. Experts assumed that the cost of the device would be sky-high, based on the cost of the same Microsoft HoloLens, but in fact everything was not so scary. Asus HC102 bundled with two motion controllers will cost everyone at 429 dollars.   The device received […]


Russian schoolchild created an “ultrasound eye” that will help blind people

Many people with great skepticism refer to different circles and sections that develop the child’s talents, but in vain! After all, many great inventions grew out of the ideas of very young people. Recently a pupil of grade 9 Dmitry Galimullin, who studies in the circle of radiophysics of the Kazan Physical University (KFU), created an “ultrasound […]


‘Creepy’: Amazon’s Alexa is randomly laughing at users, freaking them out a little

Several people who own Amazon’s Echo speakers have reported a strange bug: the Alexa voice assistant has been laughing for no reason. Some users on Twitter and Reddit say the outbursts have been entirely spontaneous. Others have said that Alexa has laughed after being asked to turn on the lights – and may have misheard […]


Samsung will show Galaxy Note 9 in Brooklyn on August 9

Of course, summer could not pass without a big announcement from Samsung, and today we found out what it would be for the announcement. The company sent out invitations to the Unpacked event, which will take place at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn on August 9, and this, even by Samsung standards, is a very powerful […]


In China, the factory that recycled the Galaxy Note 7 batteries

Karma is an insidious thing. Samsung ‘s plant , located in the Chinese city of Tianjin and engaged in the production of batteries for smartphones of the South Korean technological giant, suddenly caught fire. Just like the batteries of smartphones Galaxy Note 7, which were created precisely at this enterprise. According to eyewitnesses, on the territory of the plant there was just […]


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Are smartphones making us smarter or more stupid?

Underwhelmed seems to be the most appropriate adjective for describing the response to the usually much-hyped Mobile World Congress which ended last week. As a dedicated sceptic of all things joining the words smart and phone I cannot pretend to be experiencing much else besides schadenfreude. The pleasure intensified on learning that one of the […]

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